Primary and secondary schools in Ningxia will be the full implementation of the prosecutor serves as vice president of the school of "rule of law"

In December 2018 05, from 16:01: - Ningxia channel December 4 Yinchuan Xinhua (Liang Hongxin) reporter learned today, recently, the the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Department of education and the autonomous region's Procuratorate in Yinchuan City Procuratorate jointly carry out leading cadres part-time education department vice principal schools under the rule of the appointment ceremony.

Autonomous Region People's Procuratorate party secretary, the attorney general, level two prosecutors Shixia Lian was appointed Yinchuan a "rule of vice president Li Guilan, Dai Hongxia, Li Xuejun, Chen Lu, and a number of leading cadres in the autonomous region's Procuratorate, prosecutors were appointed to Ningxia six Panshan senior high school, Ningxia Yucai school and other schools, as" vice president "legal duty.

It is understood that the "vice president" legal responsibilities are to understand each semester in a school of law education; each semester for the school teachers and students on a legal education classes; each semester in a school meeting, study the rule of law education, special groups of students into a safe and civilized campus construction, the campus and surrounding security comprehensive management other aspects of the work.

The procuratorial organs leading cadres' work as vice president of "the rule of law in middle and primary schools of Ningxia law school construction work to further improve the rule of law, the quality of primary and secondary education, promote the teaching according to the law is of great significance.

(commissioning editor: Yan Mengjie, tolerance)